Our Process

Big, slow, expensive studies are not required to answer specific treatment questions. All that is needed is good science.

Ora provides turnkey Allergy Drug Development and Commercialization services from product inception to post marketing approval. Our Allergy team is at the ready to execute with our disease-categorized and pre-qualified site network (OraNet), actively maintained patient databases, and on-site “feet-on-the-ground” approach to conducting clinical research studies. We bring together an extensive and experienced network of therapeutic experts, investment partners, and industry-leading companies in order to bring new drugs, drug delivery systems, and medical devices to market.

Ora’s pre-clinical and clinical models, unique methodologies, and regulatory strategies have been refined across thousands of projects across the globe, including hundreds of multicenter studies and dozens of phase III pivotal trials. Ora's Rhinitis and Rhinoconjunctivis models, Nasal Allergen Challenge (NAC), and Enviro-NAC, enable the enrollment of an enriched homogeneous population. Our extensive allergy site network consists of both large population and specific-population enriched sites. This site diversity allows us to execute trials within short timelines through increased efficiency while reducing variability across different environments.

How we work

Allergy System
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Ora Allergy System is optimized to decrease timelines to regulatory filings and the ultimate increased costs result in a product that is generating revenue potentially years before traditional studies are completed.